CO2-M01 Respiratory Gas CO2 Monitor Module


CO2-M01 Respiratory Gas CO2 Monitor Module is a clinical equipment for continuous monitoring CO2. Common Infrared absorption spectroscopy is divided into mainstream and sidestream according to gas sampling mode, and this module is designed for sidestream measurement. The module provides patient’s physiological state for physician or nurse in time, which plays an important role in clinical anesthesia, CPCR(Cardiac Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation), ICU(intensive care unit) and emergency medicine, etc. It can be used under physician monitoring, and it is be applicable for adult, pediatric and neonatal.


Main Features

¦Continuously measure CO2 concentration in gas, and calculate End-tidal CO2(EtCO2), Inspired Minimum CO2(InsCO2), AirWay Respiration Rate(AwRR).

¦Elegant in appearance, and clear in labelling.

¦Simple operation, safe and effective, which meets the requirements of relative standards.

¦Three units (mmHg, kPa and %) are optional.