Head and foot part, height adjustment, +/- trendelenburg functions are controlled by four electric motors.

Head-foot, height adjustment , +/ -trendelenburg functions can be controlled by Hand Remote Control Panel
Bed can make height adjustment and +/ – trendelenburg functions by two lifting columns motors .
Bed can be make all of functions over Nurse Control Unit.
Electrically operated fowler position.
Vascular position controlled with gradual mechanism.
Head part manually CPR function.
Bed platform has four plastic lying surface.
Easy removable ABS head and foot boards.
Bed has four pieces of plastic side rails.
The lower part of the bed is plastic coated.
Bed has four slots for IV pole in each corner.
125 mm central lock and directional way castor
There are four bumpers in each corner of bed.
Electrical consumption is 240 V, 50-60 HZ, 24 V energy.